I researched into how visually impaired people view art and read with help from Embossing, Audio Description, the use of the Braille code and other tactile elements that involve touch. I placed all these elements together to create a concept that could be used on any vinyl cover to present the imagery across to visually impaired people.
Whilst researching I also came across this Visual Braille font which I downloaded and used throughout all the physical concepts of the vinyl and the marketing.
The album art description codes would help further the immersive experience of the 3D album art work.
I created an app to use the album art codes, in the style of the modern user - friendly streaming services.
To support visually impaired users. Accessibility features such as spoken instructions had to be Implemented 
To make sure that visually impaired people get first priority of the records I came up with a subscription service that ensures people get at least one vinyl every month from Feel The Music. The service would also allow subscribers access to a chat community forum on the popular Discord App. This creates a community for visually impaired people and anyone to discuss music and artwork.
For the marketing I created a form of tactile Fly posters with the Visual braille font that can be read and felt by the viewer. The album on could also be felt by touch on this.

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